Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
"Spacious Skies"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Poet's Eye In the Lonely Sky

A Poet's Eye In the Lonely Sky

Sea Gull, 
soaring so high
no one inspires
wings of dreams

like you create 
painting the sky.

Clouds descend,
forming a haven
in the twilight;

the tips of your wings
catches the wind,

in poetic flight.

Searching for dreams,

in drifting tide;
Spreading your wings

in glimmering light;
A Poet's eye

In the lonely Sky.

By PL Fallin

Friday, September 28, 2012

"Yond Cassius Has a Lean and Hungry Look"

"Let me have men about me that are fat,
Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.
Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
He thinks too much; such men are dangerous."
Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, 190–195

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Blue Crab, Why are you Climbing up that Tree?

Little Blue Crab, Why are you Climbing up that Tree?

Little Blue Crab,
Go back to the sea,
You are not a bird,
You do not belong in a tree,
Your eyes look so sad,
Did the tide wash you ashore?
You're in the marsh,
Hiding under the moss,
Why are you climbing up that tree?
I'm not going to touch,
Your claws are too sharp,
They're ready to snap,
Poor little fellow,
The sea is not up that tree!

By PL Fallin

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating like an Mountaineer - Maggie Valley

It was a lonesome drive down the mountain roads to Maggie Valley.  One lone restaurant was opened with no cars in sight.  The food was very good and the rustic environment made it a very pleasant experience.  It over looked Sheepback Mountain and Soco Gap.  Come back ya"ll, you hear!  We will!

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Ring Around O' Rosies" A Poem of Darkness

Are the children Singing "Ring Around O'Rosies?"

The water fountain in Frankenmuth, Michigan are children dancing around a flag pole.  There is a popular poem that many of us as children would sing when we danced around a flag pole:

" Ring around the roses
pocket full of poses
atishoo, atishoo
we all fall down."

What is the dark truth that lies deep in the meaning of the poem?  What was I as a child singing?
It is about the plague that struck England in 15 Th century. Also referred to as 'Black Death" had almost killed 1/3 rd population of Europe.It also refers to many other diseases that hit Europe around the same time.  The ring around roses basically means the rat bites became cherry red in color,being the first sign of plague. It is also related to infectious diseases such as " Rubella". Rubella is German measles, it causes rashes, head aches , fever and discomfort. Pocket full of poses means, people being effected by plague would become patients of respiratory infection further leading to seizures. Further others symptoms of plague were were cold,abdominal pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, chills, chest pain, headaches and weakness, that explain the "Atishoo".

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sitting on the Dock in the Rain

Sitting on the Dock in the Rain

Rain clouds gathering overhead,
Thunder roaring from the darkness,
Gusty winds stinging my face,
Walking as fast as I can
Down the cobblestone lanes,
Horse hitch wagons splashing puddles,
People flocking like larks,
Shaking off the raindrops,
No umbrellas to spare,
Sitting on the dock in the rain.

Rain fallin down in buckets,
Pouring down the planks,
Every bench drenching wet,
Stranded here for awhile,
On an island with no cover,
Dampness creeping into my shoes,
Sea gulls flying against the wind,
Squawking around every bend,
Sitting on the dock in the rain,
Hoping for the ferry to come in.

By PL Fallin

A Devil's Darning Needle - Riddles from the Pond

Blue Devil’s Darning Needle

Ruling over water and air,
In warmth and sunlight,
Flies like the light,
Twisting, turning, upward,
Downward without fright,
Colors of divine creation,
A Mystical dragon of yore,
A snake healer and
Carrier of dead souls,
A blue devil’s darning needle,
A vision within life,
To see your own light.

By PL Fallin
"Riddles from the Pond"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hold My Hand In Remembrance

Hold My Hand at Dowdell's Knob

I came here often,
Sitting here alone,
I asked for no company,
Only quiet solitude,
Thinking about what to do.
The world was in chaos,
My power was great,
Decisions I had to make.
A heavy heart worn ed
From deciding men's fate.
My bones were weak,
My strength was fading
On a warm springs day,
Death came calling,
 And stopped at my gate.

Sitting here forever,
Smiling in quiet solitude.
As seasons change,
New generations are born,
They never knew me
or speak my name.
I have been waiting
For your company,
To share my history.
So young farm girl,
Who lived through the war,
Sit by me, hold my hand,
Share your memories,
Of days gone-by,
In remembrance of me.
On this pine mountain ridge.

(Dedicated to my mom)
By PL Fallin

Ojibawa Indian's Sacred White Rock


The White Rock was a  large limestone boulder about a half mile from the shore of Lake Huron. Over the years it has broken into many large chunks from centuries of frozen ice and storms. The White Rock was a sacred place to the Ojibawa Indians. Many ceremonies and special councils were held on this rock. They would use the boulder as a sacrificial altar to the Great Spirit, Gitchi Manitou; placing freshly killed game and other foods so that the Great Spirit could feast while no one was looking. In return, the Indians would be rewarded with success in their hunting, victory over their enemies, and protection in their canoes as they moved along the coast.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Delicate Butterfly, Why are you sitting on my knee?

Delicate butterfly
Why are you sitting on my knee?
Don't you have someplace to go?
A flower with sweet nectar,
Leaves on a lushly bush,
A breeze to sing you a song,
A delicate waltz in mid air,
Misty fountain to cool your wings.

Delicate butterfly
Why are you sitting on my knee?
We are both so still, so quiet,
No movement, like statues at a pond,
You don't make a sound,
Yet we hear noise all around,
I don't dare disturb
Or move your resting place,
Why do I enjoy your company so?

Delicate butterfly
Why are you sitting on my knee?
You are so graceful
Your touch is so light,
I feel peaceful and joy,
You selected me instead of a flower,
A special moment you grant me,
A treasury of splendor,
You have captured me!

By PL Fallin

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lake Irene Lover's Point

There was an overlook deck on the mountain side next to Lake Irene where affectional couples were having picnics.  The deck hangs over the lushful green meadows below.  The lake is shaped like one long heart touching the sky.  Through a lover's eyes, there are two heart shape points embracing at the end of the Lake and the clouds are kissing above.  I have been studying for an exam and my eye sight is strained but I swear I see two clouds kissing!

Father Moose and Flatlanders, East Inlet Trail

Some of the scenery from the East Inlet Trail hike toward Pine Lake.  It is rated as a moderate trail for us inexperience hikers with some steep climbs but nothing we could not handle.  Moose and deer were feeding along the trial and ignored us hikers.  A very large father Moose greeted us and completely ignored the chorus of awes around him.  Flatlanders are silly thought he!

East Inlet Trail, Adams Falls

East Inlet Trail was a beautiful hike with the trail leading to Adams Falls and continued following the creek with a view of Shadow Mountain in the south.  The trail goes east toward Mount Craig and
lone Pine Lake.  I did not walk the entire trail.  My Floridian legs were not in hikers shape to handle the lengthly hike.  One day, One day, hopefully next spring, I am working on it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colorado River in Kawuneeche Valley


We hike the Colorado River Trail and encountered Moose feeding in the valley.  There is a maze of other trails that spin off the Colorado River but the day was very hot.  Next time I plan to continue the hike to Red Mountain. In the Kawuneeche Valley the Colorado River is not very wide and the waters flow slowly but it provides the wildlife cool water and quenches their thirst on hot summer days.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Meadows at Tonahutu Creek - An American Shire

I hiked the Green Mountain Trail up to Tonahutu Creek that led to Big Meadows.  Big Meadows has the most wild life of elk, deers, moose and other wildlife in the Rockies. Tonahutu Creek runs through Big Meadows and it was very flourishing and grassy with peaceful and serene surroundings.  It is the perfect setting for a Shire so I kept looking for American Hobbits on the hillside.  Did not find a single one!  Made friends with several friendly chipmucks.  I guess that will have to do.

Witches Point on Smoky Mountains

It was a very misty, cloudy and rainy day on top of the Smoky Mountains.  It was difficult to see the mountain range.  Witches Overlook was a perfect place to stop to see the misty mountains below.  There was no smoke in the mountains on this day.  Misty rain was all around.

Witches Brew

On Misty Mountain
High in the clouds,
Bare trees, broken limbs,
Hanging purple sky,
Gusty winds,
Rushing waters below,
Cold, chilled bones,
Drizzling rain
Heavy Dew
Shadows all around,
A Witches brew.

By PL Fallin

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beorn, Creature of the Night

Beorn, creature of the night,
Your path is far and wide,
Some say you growl with the tongue of bears,
Born from the ancient bears of the mountains,
Thriving on milk and wild honey,
Did you come from the Misty Mountains?
Do you hear your ancient people cries?
Friend nor foe have you,
Part man, Part bear
I hear the rustling of leaves,
Whistling voices in the wind,
I see you running through the darkness,
I dare not move but stand still like the trees,
You sit alone above the clouds,
Nightfall after nightfall,
Watching the moonlight sink,
Beyond the mountains silhouette,
Waiting to reclaim your ancient home.

By PL Fallin

Mountain Chipmucks and Trail Mix at Cascade Falls

 I am becoming a hill walker.  Did a 6.8 mile round trip hike to Cascade Falls and there were some very steep spots on the way.  It was very rocky and certainty lived up to its name.  Above the falls was a large boulder where we enjoyed snacking with the chipmucks.  They had no fear and were unusually friendly begging for trail mix. I cannot get the chipmucks at home, who live in tame surroundings to come near me. I guess I need to be feeding them trail mix.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

River of Muddy Blue Waters

River of Muddy Blue Waters

River of muddy blue waters,
With mysteries deep and wide,
Many a tale of folk lore,
Of Ships stranded and lost in the tide.
Oh River, I love you just the same,
I see your moonlight ripples,
Glistening in the rain.

Flowing past time like a wanderer,
Winding your way with no rest,
Through forest, hills, and meadows,
Twistin, turnin each bend
Headed for far-away shores.
Whether in rain or sunshine,
Oh River, I love you just the same,
I want to make you mine.

The muddy blue waters are swift,
Flowing over rocks and cliffs,
Washing away lowly creatures,
Carrying away their treasures.
What lays at your bottom floor?
Oh River, I love you just the same,
Sailing alone to seafaring shores.

By PL Fallin

Images of Tahquamenon River

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Clinging Tree

The Clinging Tree

Along the mountain trail
The living waters Flow
Gushing, Streaming,
Over the Rocks and Stones

Into the Big Meadows below.

Lingering on the River Bank
A Tree Sits all Alone
Beneath her stretched-out limbs,
Her Roots were matted In the Air
Twisted and Turning, Clinging
To the earth’s damp floor.

Twinges of pain in her path
Above my head vultures circle
Below my feet, dampness,
Mud, and thistles,

A full moon glows in the night,
I stood beneath her shadows

Staring at the tree’s desperate plight.

Through scars and pain she wept,
No protective mother’s coat,
Too many footsteps traveled this path,
Pity I felt for the Clinging Tree
Reaching out so desperately,

Grasping the earth’s muddy floor,
Surviving her fate at Nature’s door.

By PL Fallin

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Stone-Giants Guffawing at Me


Driving on sharped, curved roads up 14,110 ft above sea level tested my courage. I found out, I had none!  It was a good thing I was not the driver since I could no longer look out across the mountain range once we were above the tree line.  Seeing cracked  and broken rocks and stones, overhanging rocks with no protection from falling, blistering winds, a 40 degree drop in temperature, no wildlife except the occasional eagle flying overhead, I placed my hands across my eyes and refuse to look.  I could hear the Stone-Giants guffawing at me as the wind chilled my bones.  I kept saying over and over, I would rather climb on foot then be in a flimsy vehicle that the elements could destroy with the first strong blast of wind, lightening, and thunder.   At least I could cling to rocks with my arms if needed. It was much easier coming down; I guess it was more psychological then dangerous but then again, a few weeks earlier a man died from driving off the mountain road and his vechicle crashed over the rocky cliffs and mountain side.  I will never do this again :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rabbit's Fireballs and Creation of the Rockies

(Northern Ute; Duncan 2002a; Version 1)
"The rabbit had this big ball of fire, a fireball—that was his power—he
threw it up in the air and it spun around up in the sky, came back down and he
caught it again. Then he said, 'Watch this, I’m going to throw this,' so he threw
that and this ball was moving, it cut into the ground, lot of things were flying up in
the air, valleys were created by that ball. It went on and on and on bouncing
around here and there. Finally it returned again, and they were standing on top
of a mountain." 
This was how the Rocky Mountains, rivers and valleys were formed.  Did J.R. Tolkien know about the Ute Indians legend of the powerful Rabbit who created the Rocky Mountains, the meadows, and rivers?  The Hobbit is very much like a personification of a Rabbit with human characteristics who lives in the meadows in a hole on the side of a hill, etc.  There are many who would dispute this observation.  Middle-Earth is an independent world abiding by its own rules but so is nature anywhere.  The Rockies is as dangereous as it is beautiful with its own "Misty mountains, Big and Long Meadows, The Running River, Forest, Bears, Spiders, and other wild creatures of all sizes.  Pikes Peak, the tallest mountain at 14,110 sq ft above sea level, is "The Lonely Mountain" of the Rabbit's Fireball creation.  Sometime to think about!

Ute Legend "Lake of Bad Medicine"

“The Legend of Grand Lake”
by Judge Joseph L. Wescott
“To yonder rugged mountain side
With rapid pace I quickly hied,
Upon a beetling rock I stood,
Gazing upon the angry flood.
Between dark clouds the moon shone out,
Throwing its silvery light about.
The wind still blew with a sullen roar,
The angry waves still lashed the shore.
Far, far away I soon espied
The raft upon the angry tide,
Each moment some high angry wave,
Carried a victim to the grave,
I saw a giant wave arise,
Whose chest towered toward the skies,
Went thundering on upon its way
Like angry wolves in search of prey.
And nearer, still nearer it came,
In pursuit of its human game.
The doomed ones saw that their hour was nigh
And in the deep they soon must lie.
The wave came down with a thundering sound
A cloud of spray was strewn around.
I heard a wail of fell despair,
Borne on upon the midnight air
Ah! what a sight now met my view-
The raft that bore that precious crew,
Was scattered in fragments far and wide-
Tossing upon the angry tide.
O’erwhelmed with sorrow, grief and woe-
To leave this world I long to go,
To join my friends in a land afar,
In their bright homes, some twinkling star!
But the Great Spirit wills it so
That I must tarry here below
To be a scourge to all our foes.”

“To this day the lake is considered “bad medicine” by the Ute Indians. As the legend goes, when the lake has frozen over for the winter, one can still hear the urgent cries of the women and children beneath the ice.

Mystery Island of Scattered Bones

Lake Granby has several small islands of which we stopped at one to explore.  Walking around on the rocky banks and through the patch of trees, a skeleton head and teeth were found.  Looked like a wolf's head but we did not understand how a wild animal would get on the island except during winter when the lake was frozen.  Why would a wolf cross a frozen lake to an island that had no food source for him?  Other bones were also found among the rocks.  This island is a trap and burial ground due to no escape if caught within it's rocky shores.