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Pikes Peak
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hotz Brucke -- Frankenmuth Covered Bridge

Looking Glass River

Looking Glass River

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Smooth it glides upon its travel, 
Here a wimple, there a gleam-- 
O the clean gravel! 
O the smooth stream! 

Sailing blossoms, silver fishes, 
Pave pools as clear as air-- 
How a child wishes 
To live down there! 

We can see our colored faces 
Floating on the shaken pool 
Down in cool places, 
Dim and very cool; 

Till a wind or water wrinkle, 
Dipping marten, plumping trout, 
Spreads in a twinkle 
And blots all out. 

See the rings pursue each other; 
All below grows black as night, 
Just as if mother 
Had blown out the light! 

Patience, children, just a minute-- 
See the spreading circles die; 
The stream and all in it 
Will clear by-and-by.

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Ring Around O' Rosies" A Poem of Darkness

Are the children Singing "Ring Around O'Rosies?"

The water fountain in Frankenmuth, Michigan are children dancing around a flag pole.  There is a popular poem that many of us as children would sing when we danced around a flag pole:

" Ring around the roses
pocket full of poses
atishoo, atishoo
we all fall down."

What is the dark truth that lies deep in the meaning of the poem?  What was I as a child singing?
It is about the plague that struck England in 15 Th century. Also referred to as 'Black Death" had almost killed 1/3 rd population of Europe.It also refers to many other diseases that hit Europe around the same time.  The ring around roses basically means the rat bites became cherry red in color,being the first sign of plague. It is also related to infectious diseases such as " Rubella". Rubella is German measles, it causes rashes, head aches , fever and discomfort. Pocket full of poses means, people being effected by plague would become patients of respiratory infection further leading to seizures. Further others symptoms of plague were were cold,abdominal pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, chills, chest pain, headaches and weakness, that explain the "Atishoo".