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Pikes Peak
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty in the Soul of a Haggard Tree

This image struck a chord with me about survival.  The harsh winter storms, snow, rain and winds have torn off this tree's top and branches.  All that is left standing is a torn and haggard trunk.  The roots are still intact receiving some nourishment and up the side is a beautiful rustic aura of reddish-gold bark. There is beauty in the soul of the remains of this tree and if you look closer, you will see she is as vibrant as the meadows that surround her.  It as if she is saying to hikers that past her by: " Even through hash winter snows, I'm still standing here in this wilderness, alone but surviving .  Respect me as you walk-by and may you have the perseverance, strenght, courage, and fortitude to endure hardships that come your way.  Remember me."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summerland Pastoral Fields - John Milton's "Lycidas"


  few photos of Summerland Park on the North Inlet Trail to Cascade Falls; I particular like seeing the horses grazing in the pasture. I don't have the language skills to write a pastoral elegy like John Milton.

I never hear anything about the work of the poet "John Milton" except in a University English classroom.  His writing style is of a highly educated man and far more sophisticated and elegant then writers today. He had a command of the English language and knew how to use words like a painter uses brush strokes to produce a brilliant effect.  Lycidas is a pastoral elegy which is why I thought about John Milton with the pastoral scene at Summerland Park.

Several verses from John Milton's "Lycidas" to stir the imagination:

"Thee Shepherd, thee the Woods, and desert Caves,
With wilde Thyme and the gadding Vine o'regrown,
And all their echoes mourn.
The Willows, and the Hazle Copses green,
Shall now no more be seen,
Fanning their joyous Leaves to thy soft layes.
As killing as the Canker to the Rose,
Or Taint-worm to the weanling Herds that graze,
Or Frost to Flowers, that their gay wardrop wear,
When first the White thorn blows;
Such, Lycidas, thy loss to Shepherds ear."

John Milton (Bewails a  friend, who drowned in his Passage
from Chester on the Irish Seas, 1637.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mountain Chipmucks and Trail Mix at Cascade Falls

 I am becoming a hill walker.  Did a 6.8 mile round trip hike to Cascade Falls and there were some very steep spots on the way.  It was very rocky and certainty lived up to its name.  Above the falls was a large boulder where we enjoyed snacking with the chipmucks.  They had no fear and were unusually friendly begging for trail mix. I cannot get the chipmucks at home, who live in tame surroundings to come near me. I guess I need to be feeding them trail mix.