Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
"Spacious Skies"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Glacier National Park Montana Gallery III



The above photo is of Heavens Peak.  We drove to Logan Pass Visitor Center to Hidden Lake Nature Trail.  On the way we passed the Weeping Wall. 


Glacier National Park Montana Gallery II

Glacier National Park Montana Gallery I

I have discovered after visiting several parks and mountain ranges two things:   I have a love for the mountains and I cannot get enough of their majesty splendor.  I also may or may not get acute mountain sickness above tree level.  By that I mean, when I reach the top of the mountain peaks and there are no trees but rocks and I am at cloud level or above the clouds,  I get AMS which kicks in at 10,000 ft above sea level.  At 10,000 feet, a person only has the effective use of 14% oxygen, only two-thirds that of sea level. Besides needing to breath deeper, I start feeling lightheaded and fear sets in.  I read that a person is at higher risk for acute mountain sickness if you live at or near sea level and travel to a high altitude.  Since I have been living in Florida most of my adult life, I now pay the price with AMS.  Living in Florida is not all what it is cracked up to be in my opinion!

Flathead River Montana

Lake McDonald Montana


Old Ranch Wagons

North Fork Belly River

The Belly River Area of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cloudy Day Waterton Lakes



 House of Clouds

By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I would build a cloudy House
For my thoughts to live in;
When for earth too fancy-loose
And too low for Heaven!
Hush! I talk my dream aloud---
I build it bright to see,---
I build it on the moonlit cloud,
To which I looked with thee.

Cloud-walls of the morning's grey,
Faced with amber column,---
Crowned with crimson cupola
From a sunset solemn!
May mists, for the casements, fetch,
Pale and glimmering;
With a sunbeam hid in each,
And a smell of spring.

International Peace Park Gallery


The top photos were taken at the Waterton Valley Viewpoint at the International Peace Park.

Waterton Lakes National Park Gallery III


Red Rock Canyon


Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake is at the end of Akamina Parkway.  There were a lot of tourist so we hike Cameron Lakeshore trail.  The mountain range still had snow and ice against the black mountain peaks.

Bear Sightings Waterton Lakes National Park

We saw several bears on Red Rock Parkway and Akamina Parkway.  I freaked out if the car got too close.  These bears are large and I did not want to get into a bear jam but people are crazy and will not drive slowly pass them. 

Bighorn Sheep Waterton Lakes National Park

This Bighorn sheep was on Red Rock Parkway outside Waterton Lakes Village.  We saw a lot of wildlife driving around the park.

Waterton Lakes National Park Gallery II