Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
"Spacious Skies"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Rocky Surf - Washington Oaks Beach


The surf was high and the waves were endless. Even the sea gulls enthusiastically rode the waves. I could have stayed on this beach for a long time just to watch the waves come charging like galloping horses to jump the rocks.

A Seascape Playground - Marineland Beach

On a sunny and gorgeous afternoon, I decided to visit several local beaches to get a photographic account of the charm of winter on the beach.  There is so much news about cold snowy weather being reported that I needed to remind myself why Florida is a very special place to be this time of year and why so many people leave the snow and ice and live here during the winter months.

Blue Surf and White Sand - Fort Matanzas Beach

Across the country it is snow and ice everywhere but here in Florida it is blue surf and white sand.  The kind of white I really prefer for winter. These pictures were taken January 25 on a sunny afternoon.

Sights of the Sea - Cumberland Sound

The colony of birds at Cumberland Sound enjoyed their bathing time.  The beach is protected and is a bird's nesting ground.

Christmas on Pine Mountain

 My family and I stayed in a cabin on Pine Mountain for the Christmas holidays.  It was wonderful for it to be cold enough to have a fire burning to beat off the chills. The warmth from the fireplace and beams of light from the sunset help to make it a special time for us; particularly having my mom and stepfather there to enjoy it with us.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sounds of the Sea -- Cumberland Sound

These pictures were taken this week from the pier at Fort Clinch State Park of Cumberland Sound.  I basically had the pier to myself.  In the "Sound of the Sea", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow describes the sound of the sea waves as they lap against the shore and the tide rises.  He compares the rush of the tide to rushes of inspiration people experience sometimes.

"Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves
that break upon the idle seashore of the mind."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Sound of the Sea

The sea awoke at midnight from its sleep,
  And round the pebbly beaches far and wide
  I heard the first wave of the rising tide
  Rush onward with uninterrupted sweep;
A voice out of the silence of the deep,
  A sound mysteriously multiplied
  As of a cataract from the mountain's side,
  Or roar of winds upon a wooded steep.
So comes to us at times, from the unknown
  And inaccessible solitudes of being,
  The rushing of the sea-tides of the soul;
And inspirations, that we deem our own,
  Are some divine foreshadowing and foreseeing
  Of things beyond our reason or control.

Seabirds - Vagabonds of the Sea

There were more birds on St. Augustine beach then people.  It was too windy and cold for even the tourist to come out and play.

To A Sea Bird (Santa Cruz 1869)

Sauntering hither on listless wings,
Careless vagabond of the sea,
Little thou heedest the surf that sings,
The bar that thunders, the shale that rings,-
Give me to keep thy company.

Little thou hast, old friend, that 's new;
Storms and wrecks are old things to thee;
Sick am I of these changes, too;
Little to care for, little to rue,-
I on the shore, and thou on the sea.

All of thy wanderings, far and near,
Bring thee at last to shore and me;
All of my journeyings end them here:
This our tether must be our cheer,-
I on the shore, and thou on the sea.

Lazily rocking on ocean's breast,
Something in common, old friend, have we:
Thou on the shingle seek'st thy nest,
I to the waters look for rest,-
I on the shore, and thou on the sea.

Francis Bret Harte

Francis Bret Harte was an American author and poet, best remembered for his accounts of pioneering life in California. 

Sunny Days of Winter


This is how winter looks at Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County.  Matanzas River is icy blue under the winter sun and the hardwood trees leaves are a golden hue. These pictures were taken in January.  The rest of the country is under snow and ice.

In Search of Birds at Guana River


During the winter months, Guana River Wildlife Preserve has a lot of birds that migrate to this area.  We did not hike far enough into the marsh to see the different variety of birds.  Cranes were swimming close to several fishermen to be fed fishing bait.

A Winter Snow in Bad Axe

These pictures were taken a week before Christmas.  The temperatures dropped to 14F and being from Florida, I was not prepared for the snow storm and wind chill factor.  Only crazy Floridians would drive in this weather or a craze photographer.  I like the stillness of the snow background and the hints of color against the frozen landscape.  I was very happy to go back to Florida.