Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
"Spacious Skies"
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Father Moose and Flatlanders, East Inlet Trail

Some of the scenery from the East Inlet Trail hike toward Pine Lake.  It is rated as a moderate trail for us inexperience hikers with some steep climbs but nothing we could not handle.  Moose and deer were feeding along the trial and ignored us hikers.  A very large father Moose greeted us and completely ignored the chorus of awes around him.  Flatlanders are silly thought he!

East Inlet Trail, Adams Falls

East Inlet Trail was a beautiful hike with the trail leading to Adams Falls and continued following the creek with a view of Shadow Mountain in the south.  The trail goes east toward Mount Craig and
lone Pine Lake.  I did not walk the entire trail.  My Floridian legs were not in hikers shape to handle the lengthly hike.  One day, One day, hopefully next spring, I am working on it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Clinging Tree

The Clinging Tree

Along the mountain trail
The living waters Flow
Gushing, Streaming,
Over the Rocks and Stones

Into the Big Meadows below.

Lingering on the River Bank
A Tree Sits all Alone
Beneath her stretched-out limbs,
Her Roots were matted In the Air
Twisted and Turning, Clinging
To the earth’s damp floor.

Twinges of pain in her path
Above my head vultures circle
Below my feet, dampness,
Mud, and thistles,

A full moon glows in the night,
I stood beneath her shadows

Staring at the tree’s desperate plight.

Through scars and pain she wept,
No protective mother’s coat,
Too many footsteps traveled this path,
Pity I felt for the Clinging Tree
Reaching out so desperately,

Grasping the earth’s muddy floor,
Surviving her fate at Nature’s door.

By PL Fallin