Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Artistic Waters Yellowstone River


To capture the colors of the landscape, I used a dry brush technique in the above photos.  The water has streaks of green as well as deep blue running fiercely over the rocks. I walked a trail along side of the rapids.  There are too many rocks for white water rafting.  This concludes my adventure at Yellowstone.  We only visited from the South Entrance up to Washburn Mountain Range.  It was a tiresome full day drive from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone and back.  I could not take photos during the golden hours of 2 hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset.  That is the best natural light for a landscape picture.  The bright sun will fade out the brilliancy of colors of the landscape no matter what filters you use.  The pigments of oil painting can bring out the gorgeous colors better then any photograph.

Washburn Mountain Range


I really was not impressed with the mountain ranges of Yellowstone after visiting the Grand Teton National Park.  Even the Grand Canyon did not surpass the magnificent beauty of the Teton Range.  Mount Washburn Range is similar to the Appalachian mountains.  A lot of forest and woodlands surround the area. 

Yellowstone River Moments of Serenity


The river does have some areas where it is calm, peaceful and serene before it reaches the Grand Canyon area.

Hayden Valley Where the Buffalo Roams

Bison really do walk along side and between your cars. Lots of them!  The older gentlemen above walked past my car window.  You never know what may agitate them so I stayed quiet as a mouse and rolled up my window.