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Pikes Peak
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Duties of the Wind Are Few"

The Duties of the Wind are Few

The duties of the Wind are few,
To cast the ships, at Sea,
Establish March, the Floods escort,
And usher Liberty.

The pleasures of the Wind are broad,
To dwell Extent among,
Remain, or wander,
Speculate, or Forests entertain.

The kinsmen of the Wind are Peaks
Azof - the Equinox,
Also with Bird and Asteroid
A bowing intercourse.

The limitations of the Wind
Do he exist, or die,
Too wise he seems for Wakelessness,
However, know not I.                      

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shotover River at Skippers Canyon, Queenstown, New Zealand


Shotover River runs through Skippers Canyon and is popular for white water rafting.  There were five rafts preparing to go down river as we arrived at the bottom of the canyon.

Skippers Canyon Gallery, Queenstown New Zealand


I visited the South Island of New Zealand for two weeks in March.  It was the end of their summer and beginning of fall.  Skippers Canyon was selected as the most dangerous road to travel in the world by Drive Magazine.  I was on a jeep Safari tour of the canyon with my friend Nancy.  The road was steep, curvy and very narrow.  It was a fantastic tour and we had tea and cake at the Skippers Canyon historical school house.