Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Wetland Grass

Some of the different types of grass in the marsh.  There is so much of it but no bugs bothered me! Many different shades of green and brown.

Swamp Palm Tree

I really like how the Palm Tree curved its trunk to reach the sunrays from the swamp. How did the spanish explorers walk through this muddy, swampy ground to setup a colony?

Spanish Moss Covered Ground

Spanish moss covered the ground throughout the woods on Hominy Branch Trail.  It really looked like dirty cotton balls everywhere.  It has such an unusual appearance. I like the way the morning sun created shadows of the trees falling across the moss.

Sand, Mud Holes and Swamp

Took a 3.5 mile hike down Hominy Branch Trail at Princess Place Preserve. I walked on bridges that crossed over a swamp until reaching a long trail of white sand.  Sand is more difficult to walk on then walking on  a normal mountain trail.  Your shoes sink into the sand and you have to make extra effort to pulled your feet out of the sinking footprints. The sun starting beating down on my head and the white sand reflected the heat. It was a whammy of double heat! After the sand, then it was wet marshland and the trail became muddy.  Mud is also a challenge to pull your shoes out of of sinking mud holes.  Of  course the horses left their evidence in the mud and you had to be careful where you stepped in the mud! The mud really weighs down your feet and legs. The trail was a challenge in the hot Florida climate.