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Pikes Peak
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Children's Express Theatre Performs at Allegro

 The Children's  Express Theatre performed 'Lost Treasure of Shipwreck Bay' for the residents of Allegro in St. Augustine, Florida.  It was a full house with people lined up outside the doors trying to watch.  The audience loved the play and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children and youth.  This is the third performance the Express Theatre has performed at Allegro within the past 12 months.  Last September, the Express Theatre performed "That Dastardly Dirty Darlene".  It was about the town of Dirt Clod and the town's bully "Dirty Darlene". 

At Christmas 2013, the Children's Express Theatre performed "Charlie Browns Christmas" and it brought back memories for many of the audience since Charlie Brown comic strips have been in newspaper comics for 52 years. 

In September, we will start rehearsing for a new Christmas play and will be returning to Allegro to celebrate another Christmas season with them.

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