Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lonely Tree of Lake Wanaka

The Lonely Tree is a Wanaka legend and was one of the top sights that my friend and I wanted to see.  Local Photographers have made the tree famous in art and craft shows in Queenstown.  We meet several couples who planned to search for the tree once they arrived in Wanaka.  If you Google "Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka" hundred's of photo shop images will pop up.  Since I have seen the tree in fog, rain and in sunshine, I know the real colors of the lake and mountains.  Photographers have made surreal images of the tree but I feel the tree has beauty on it's own.  I am from the south and it is not unusual to see trees growing in lakes in Georgia and Florida but this tree has a graceful and solitary feeling in it's loneliness away from the shore.

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